ICC offers a variety of workshops designed to meet the ongoing mental health needs of the Wilmot community. For more information or to request a workshop, please contact us at 519-662-3092.

Understanding Grief

Grief looks and feels different for everyone. There are no checklists to complete or a finish line to cross. There are no stages. It is a journey that everyone will travel at some point in their lives. This session provides high-level understanding of what you might experience when grieving a death and provide ideas for helping you on your path. Facilitated by Bereaved Families of Ontario.

Coping with Special Days-Grief Education Session

When you're grieving, special occasions can be a time of overwhelming emotions, new challenges and unrealistic expectations no matter what you celebrate or observe. This education session from Bereaved Families of Ontario-Midwestern Region acknowledges the difficulities special days can bring and discusses coping strategies to help you through. Register at www.bfomidwest.org

Safe Talk

SafeTALK prepares ANYONE over the age of 15 to identify
people who may be having thoughts of suicide and connect them with life-saving support. With this training, you can become more ready, willing and able to be a suicide prevention helper.

Contact ICC to provide this workshop for your organization.

Post-traumatic Stress and Resiliency 

This workshop assists participants in understanding post-traumatic stress and ways to build resiliency in the face of trauma.

Balancing Busy Lives 

We are all juggling multiple activities and responsibilities in a day. This workshop explores what it means to have balance and how to overcome the obstacles to create balance in your life.

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Conflict is a part of every relationship. This is no different in the workplace. This workshop teaches participants how to work through conflict while managing stress and improving communication.

Grief and Children 

This workshop assists adults in understanding how children grieve and how best to support a grieving child.

Kids Have Stress Too 

This workshop explores the impact of stress on children and ways in which children's resiliency to stress can be nurtured.

Mental Health: Tips and Resources for the Workplace 

This workshop provides workplace managers with an understanding of employee performance and mental health issues, early intervention strategies, and explores accommodation and leave of absence issues.

Supporting Family and Friends with Mental Illness

Supporting someone with mental illness can be challenging. Participants in this training will learn more about common mental health struggles, including stigma and protective factors, and will explore ways to support a friend or family member who is struggling.

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