We have gathered together a few FAQ’s from clients who are just beginning counselling. We have answered them here to help you decide if our approach is right for you.

It’s natural to feel a little curious about what happens in counselling (especially given the way the media sometimes portrays it). Our counsellors will help guide the session to explain what typically happens. One of the questions you might be asked is, "What would you like to see change in your life?" Or "what would you like to work on throughout counselling?"

Feel free to ask any questions that may come up before your session begins or at any point during your therapy. There is additional information on The Process page of this site.

We've found that many people are living below what they are capable of achieving. In fact, it's been our experience that once clients are symptom free, they continue to use counselling because they see results in all aspects of their lives. We certainly feel this way (which is why many of us continue to expand our lives through our own personal counselling).

Many first-time clients actually feel the same way. Our counsellor's will create a safe and comfortable environment to make you feel at ease. The sessions will move at a pace comfortable for you with opportunities to take breaks as needed.

Being stuck in repetitive patterns is a frustrating experience. Recent advances in mind body research enable us to understand what is necessary to change those patterns.

Although the counsellors of Interfaith have a wide range of training and experience, we all agree on one thing: the undeniable power of the body-mind connection for creating lasting change.

We look forward to showing you how!

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